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The Tenga Air-Tech, Doubles as a Festive Holiday Decoration.

Looks like I'm on a toys for boys kick lately! Cock rings, cock candy, and masturbation sleeves, oh my!

My box of toys from MEO is never ending! I feel like I'm reaching into Mary Poppin's magical after-hours carpet bag, just when I think I’ve gotten to the end of the box, I reach back in and find there's more!

So, like the previously reviewed cock ring, I still do not personally possess the anatomically correct bit of male genitalia needed to play with this masturbation sleeve. So, this review relies heavily on my Stunt-Cock, who readily agreed to give the Tenga Air-Tech sleeve a try and give me his honest opinion. Honestly, it wasn’t hard too convince him to masturbate for science.

For those of you unfamiliar with Tenga, they are a company based in Japan, known for an assortment of disposable men’s masturbation products. With the Tenga Air-Tech and the Tenga Flip Hole they have made a foray into the reusable. Which I think is both better for your wallet and the environment! With the Tenga Air-Tech you can masturbate confidently knowing you are an budget conscious Eco-Warrior! Or something like that, I don’t know… fantasize about whatever you want, I’m not here to boss you around (unless that’s what you’re in to…). Anyway, I digress…

Back to the Tenga Air-Tech!

The Air Channels Along the Outside of the Sleeve.

As I said, the Air-Tech is a reusable masturbation cup. Inside you will find a soft, textured sleeve that can be removed after use, easily washed and dried, then placed back into the cup from which it came. Even though it is reusable, it is not a “life-long” product. The sleeve itself is made from a skin-safe TPE, which while usually non-toxic, it is still porous enough to allow for bacteria and mold to fester. So be extra diligent about washing your toy after use! Give it a good rinse with hot, soapy water, then allow it to dry completely before returning it to the cup. It is also my understanding that toys made from TPE will begin to break down over time, so examine it closely before each use for any foul odors, rips and tears, or black spots. Discard immediately should that happen. You could theoretically extend the life of your toy by using a condom with each use, but that’s up to you.

Tenga Air-Tech Unwrapped!

From the outside, the Tenga Air-Tech doesn’t really look like a sex toy. I had the red and silver packaged tube sitting on my dining room bookshelf for weeks and no one batted an eye over it. If you don’t look at it too closely, it looks like any other random canister or container you can find in around my house and being the holidays, it kind of just blended in with the festive decor. So, bonus points for discreetness. The hourglass shaped outer shell is made from a single piece of hard plastic that is easy to grip and comfortable to hold. I really appreciate the streamline, classy look of the Tenga cup. While all the product information is on the outer removable plastic wrapping. So, once you have opened your Tenga Air-Tech all you will have left is a solid colored cup with the words “Tenga Air-Tech.” near the top. Inside you will find a sample package of Tenga’s water-based hole lubricant.

But, enough about packaging, what you really want to know is “how the heck does it work?” and “does it feel good?”

For this, I have to defer to the opinions of my Stunt-Cock.

What makes the Air-Tech special is what Tenga calls “Airflow Structure.” The removable sleeve features a series of channels that spiral around the exterior, that are designed to channel the air out of the plastic case via the small vent hole at the top. So, when a penis is inserted into the sleeve, all of the air is forced out, then when the penis pulls back out air is drawn back into the sleeve, creating suction sensation. SCIENCE!

Tenga Air-Tech Top Hole

You can then adjust the suction by covering the vent hole with a finger to restrict the airflow. With the hole covered, Stunt-Cock was unable to continue thrusting, the toy kind of locked down on his penis, keeping him from being able to insert or pull out again. So, this turned out to be a rather difficult, fiddly, process that took some time to get right. It seems works best to only cover the hole partially (or not at all.).

Still not sure how the Tenga Air-Tech works? Imagine holding a large can, now imagine you can masturbate into that can. That pretty much sums up the Tenga sleeve. It’s not rocket science, I assure you.

I had my Stunt-Cock masturbate using the Air-Tech on two separate occasions. The first time around was on the slightly disastrous side. While experimenting with restricting airflow by covering the hole at the top, we somehow caused what I’m sure NASA would refer to as a catastrophic failure (I just finished reading The Martian, great book!). The sleeve somehow imploded in on itself, sucking down into the cup and bunching up near the middle. Stunt-Cock had fish the sleeve back out and try to get it back in to place, which turned out to be surprisingly difficult with everything all lubed up. This kind of cut short our masturbation test run.

The second test run went so much smoother. We didn’t bother much with the hole at the top, and concentrated more on the sensations the inner part of the sleeve provided. My masturbation guinea pig said the series of textured bumps were nice. Nothing overwhelming or particularly note worthy, just nice. He said the material was soft and did feel pretty realistic. I have to concur, I gave the Tenga Air-Tech a good finger fuck and really like the way it feels.

I also need to note the sound this toy makes in use. When its all lubed up and being thrust with wild abandon, it makes a messy, blowjob, sucking noise. It cracked me up, it was kind of a disgustingly humorous sound. But, if you closed your eyes and imagined the mouth of your dreams closed around your penis, I bet the sound could be a turn on. Even at a slower pace, the toy is still pretty noisy, with air whistling and wheezing with each thrust.

The Tenga Air-Tech seemed to remain relatively clean, no major leaks or spillage of either the lube or the ejaculate. The sleeve was easy to side out after use and clean.

So, do I recommend the Tenga Air-Tech? For now, yes, I do. I have pretty limited experience with male masturbation sleeves, so I do not have much to compare this particular toy with. But, as far as I can tell, the Tenga Air-Tech worked for us (even after a rocky start.) and the Stunt-Cock really enjoyed the way the toy felt, it was easy to hold, easy to clean, and is well made. I also really appreciate that its a sex toy that doesn’t scream I’M A SEX TOY if anyone should accidentally see it. The sloppy blow job noises are also bound to be fun for some! My only disappointment is with the material it is made from, porous sex toys always make me frown a bit.

The Tenga Air-Tech comes in three varieties. There is gentle, regular (which is the one we have and what this review is about) and strong, which is supposed to be the most intensely textured and tightest. And currently, a lot of Tenga’s products are only available in Europe and Asia, making getting your hands on some items here in the U.S. a little trickier and more expensive. Luckily for us, MEO provides fast, discreet, international shipping!

You can purchase the Tenga Air-Tech from Meo for 29,00€ (which is about $31.00). A pretty great price when you consider its not readily available in the US!

BONUS FACT: did you know that Onahole is the Japanese word for a male masturbator toy? You can thank me if you ever win Jepordy or Who Wants to Be a Millionaire with that question.

If You Turn the Tenga Air-Tech Sleeve Inside Out, it Kind of Looks Like a Dalek!


The Tenga Air-Tech was provided to me free of charge by in exchange for my honest review.